Premalux, LLC Earns Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Status

Premalux owners (L - R) Ann Fisher Yan, Mary Twigg Fisher, and Jill Fisher Burger

Premalux owners (L – R) Ann Fisher Yan, Mary Twigg Fisher, and Jill Fisher Burger

Premalux, LLC, manufacturer of earth-friendly cleaning solutions that really work, is now a certified Women Owned Small Business (WOSB). The designation allows the Aurora, Ohio based company to participate in the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Government Contracting program.

The U.S. federal government contracts represent a tremendous sales and revenue opportunity for small businesses for three main reasons. 1) The U.S. Government is the world’s largest customer.  2) It buys all types of products and services in both large and small quantities. 3) It is required by law to provide opportunities for small businesses.

“This places us in a unique, advantageous position,” Ann Fisher Yan, Premalux owner and president, said. As a manufacturer and supplier of high performance cleaning solutions mainly serving the automotive, industrial manufacturing, environmental/ energy and life science markets, this provides an opportunity for these and similar government  companies to meet their purchasing obligation.  “Our next step is to get officially listed for the Contracting Program,” Ms. Yan said.

Premalux, which began in 2011, also offers full-service toll  blending services and and contract manufacturing services for third parties in its state-of-the art mixing facility. Visit our subsidiary, AccuBlends, LLC, to learn more. a full-service toll blender

Currently, main Premalux products include:

  • Surge Industrial Cleaner, hard surface and parts washer
  • Surge Industrial Cleaner, multi surface formula
  • NSF Surge Industrial Cleaner, safe for food preparation areas
  • NSF Surge Industrial Cleaning Wipes, safe for food preparation and other areas,  is one of the most popular Premalux products.

All Surge products are environmentally safe high-performance solutions that cut through the toughest dirt, grease and grime while maintaining a neutral pH level. Surge Industrial products utilize Dynamic Cleaning Technology® (DCT) that works its way under dirt to separate it from the surface being cleaned. This chemistry gives molecules the ability to stay small during the entire cleaning process, making Surge Industrial perform more effectively than traditional cleaners. “In other words, it’s a tough cleaning product while remaining environmentally safe,” Ms.  Yan said.

New to the Premalux line is a series of high-quality LED light bulbs. “We joke that the new lights make people more aware of dirt in their surroundings, and then they will need Surge,”  Ms. Yan said.  “That’s really not far from the truth.”

See Surge in action here.


Praises for Premalux: Take that Dirt & Grime

WOW! We are always gratified at the reports of fantastic results for Premalux Surge’s cleaner-degreaser. Here are some of the high points so far this year:

  • The owner of a local automobile body shop found weekly cleaning of the paint closet – where all good cars go to get a new coat of paint – down right arduous. Employees tackled the job with razor blades to remove the coats of leftover paint. However a bottle of Surge foam cleaner changed all that. Now it’s just a spray and wipe process with the biodegradable cleaner.
Surge cleaner

Surge cleaner is responsible for the clean spots.

  • The cleaning manager of a major car manufacturing plant was amazed at the cleaning power of Surge, ready-to-use, right out of the bottle. Greasy grit and grime build-up along the walls, floors and just about everywhere in the facility. Cleaning crews had to don protective cleaning and masks to tackle the annual wall cleaning chore. Just applying non-toxic Surge to a wall, and the dirt and grime dissolved. Annual cleaning is now a snap.
  • A cleaning manager for another major automobile manufacturing plant also discovered the power of Surge. Using a 25-to-one mixture of Surge concentrate, cleaning crews regularly clean the cement floors without the heavy solvent smell of their previous cleaner – a very toxic solvent.
  • Surge has also proven to be a safe, reliable, cost effective cleaner for a label manufacturing plant. Imagine all the sticky residue left to clean up, and Surge does it easily without the need for protection.

If you want to know the fine details, give us a call at 330-995-4000.  Or, e-mail

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